A 32 year old bisexual woman from Iceland.

Things I love in no particular order: my little boy, traveling, exploring, food, baking, music, animals, books, photography, beyoncé, girls night out and cocktails, ink, sushi, elephants, studio ghibli, winnie the pooh, gilmore girls, feminism, positive body image, plants, british comedy, street art, seasons, my boyfriend, trees, alfons aberg, the color green, languages, cats, the moomins, christy road, banksy, zines, drawing, harry potter, air balloons, girls, boys, vintage, tea, old movies, cuddling, my brother, my sister, my cat, owls, john hughes's movies, buffy the vampire slayer, octopuses, doctor who, world globes and more.

 you are. The force is strong with you.